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Dunwiddie Custom Packaging

Composting with Green Food Packaging

It was the usual Sunday morning and the whole family waited in the dining area while I was preparing some breakfast. Today, I was using a different brand of eggs and the packaging seemed quite odd to me. The eggs didn’t come in the usual gray brown cardboard or plastic, it seemed to have been packaged in fibers, the ones you usually see on some plants and the bark material on trees. Right now, I was too busy to look into the odd way this custom packaging was made as I was tending to my family. After some time, I decided to check out the company and see if I could learn anything about the packaging.

 Custom Packaging
green packaging

After some extensive research, I found out that the company mainly used green packaging. They have been doing this for quite a while now and I also found out that a number of customers have tried playing with their creativity on the packaging and found many ways to use it after the product inside has been consumed. I have seen pictures of customers cutting out each individual slot for each egg and planting seedlings in them and then transferring the whole thing to the garden. In my case, I was trying to look for other ideas in which I could utilize this packaging and maybe even cut down on the trash we produce in the household.

It took me a few days to actually find a way to make use of the packaging because I had a lot of work to catch up and needed to care for my kids. The thing that I came up with is to try to add these to my compost at home. After all, it is made up of natural plant fibers so it should decompose along with the kitchen waste as well. I got the idea when one of my daughters got a hold of one of the egg packaging and decided to play with it in the water. I noticed that the material just turned mushy.

So the next day, when I had gathered some packaging after many purchases of eggs, I decided to bring them all into my large composting bin. I didn’t try wetting it; I just buried them under the kitchen waste and the soil. Then, I just went on with my usual routine and just kept adding to the composting bin until I was able to get some proper compost material.

Once it was time for me to empty the bin, I dumped it all into a large sack. I tried digging through the material and see if there was any trace of the egg packaging left. Although you couldn’t find any boxes of the packaging, you could still find some of the plant fibers which what the egg packaging was made of. The compost worked pretty well and they made my plants really healthy. This green packaging phenomenon should really catch on with other companies.I will try to check out more of the company’s products and try switching on to them in the future.


  1. Clear packaging allows the customer to see the product they are buying. Customers tend to appreciate the ability to see something before they buy it, and not only a photo of the product, but the actual product itself. The use of clear packing in food items has been around for many decades now, as consumers want to make sure that their food products are in good shape, and that they appear more or less as they do in the food product’s commercial ads. In recent years, packaging companies such as, have begun to employ more clear packing for products other than foods, as the same concept of customers wanting to see the foods they buy, also applies to many other products. The use of clear packaging in medicines has become very popular in the last year, as more and more vitamin companies have begun to make their vitamin capsules more attractive to the customer’s eye, in an effort to set their products apart from the others. Clear packaging can be a very effective marketing tool for companies which sell products that have a lot of competition in the market place. In addition to foods and medicines, electronic goods are also now commonly packed in clear wrappers and clear box covers, as the consumer tends to be very stimulates when they can see the pricey electronic item they are at the point of purchasing.
  2. Retail packaging that uses clear boxes and plastic wraps is also an advantage because it uses less material. If a company has to spend an extra few cents on each package they sell in order to have it totally wrapped within a box or other container that can add up to a serious cost in large scale production operations. Clear plastic wrapping is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to package an item that currently exist. The average cost of clear wrapping beats that of other packaging forms by as much as 2 cents per item, and that number can increase considerably depending on the size of the product which is being sold. Most packaging factories will even offer their clients reduced rates on items that they choose to pack in clear plastic, as the process for this type of packaging takes less time, and is less taxing on their machinery.
  3. Clear packaging also presents an advantage in the fact that it is less harmful to the environment. The packaging industry has been placed under a lot of pressure in recent years to cut down on the amount of material which they use in their packaging of products. People these days are very worried about the possible negative impact that over packaging could have on the earth. Brands that have not decreased their use of packaging materials have lost a lot of younger customers to those brands which have become more ecologically friendly. The use of thin plastic wrap on product which don’t require a ton of extra protection in their boxes is one of the most efficient ways in which companies can eliminate some of their packaging material.